NaturaForYou runs the new Nature Education Center “La Casa Resiana” – Resia Valley - Julian Alps – Italy

Where we are?

In the very heart of the Resia Valley, in the wonderful scenery of the Prealpi Giulie Nature Park. A 15 minutes walk away from the village of Stolvizza on the “Talipapot”-Track.

What do we offer?

NaturaForyou is fully prepared to organize Nature Conservation Stages for students (university and lower levels).

We organize excursions throughout the year:

• Simple and difficult walks; trekking tours along the italian-slovenian border. • Special excursion for wildlife observation or photography (alpine ibex, chamois, red deer, griffon vulture, brown bear; other species on request). • Snowshoe-trekking (in winter). • Multi-day Donkey-Trekking-Tours

Slow Tourism

We prepare and organize green holiday packages according to Your requests.

Natura For You conducts scientific wildlife research on behalf of Public Institutions and Organisations.

Natura For You –  we realize nature documentaries, offer logistic support to television teams and organize events.

Contact us, we will give you all the informations you need!